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Tips for installing Mini BasketBall hoop on the wall

Basketball hoops are mainly fastened to with an apparatus or metal body on the wall, which ensures that the circle won’t turn over. It is also possible to fix the basketball hoop with the wall of your house or garage. The hoop has a backboard which is mainly made up of metal or other alloys. It is primarily made up of acrylic, fiberglass, glass or metals. Advanced measures are involved in fastening high-quality hoops, lessen the quality of the circle, more comfortable it takes to install them.

Figure out the placeindoor hoop installation

You need to determine the location where you would like to attach the hoop. Follow the instructions to find perfect place to install mini hoop in bedroom. The wall should be completely straight, and it must not have any slope or any protruding object. You must keep in mind that the ground should be made up of concrete, or any other similar materials, which is best for dribbling the basketball.

Follow your manual instructions

When you purchase the basketball, hoop,net, and the backboard an installing manual is provided to you, which shows the procedure of installing them to the wall. The manual shows the more straightforward and possible process to fix them.

Fit the backboard to the wall

You must fix the backboard to the wall with the mounting brackets. You need screws and drilling machine; if you do not have a power drill, you can also use screwdrivers. The backboard must have a mounting board to attach to the wall. If you don’t have one, you should purchase it from a nearby sports shop, where it is readily available. After attaching the backboard to the wall, now you need to connect the basketball hoop to the backboard. Take the measurement of the base of the circle, mark the point where you need to make the hole, now drill in two or four holes on the backboard using power drills of screwdrivers. Attach the hoop to the backboard with screws, bolts, and nuts. You need to tighten the nuts safely so that it won’t move, for this, you need a wrench.

Measure the area of the mounting board

To attach the complete apparatus to the wall, you need to measure the area of the mounting board. After measuring it point the spots where you need to drill the wall. When you complete your drilling process, place the whole apparatus correctly, so that the hole in the mounting board and the wall align with each other correctly.

mini basketball hoopTighten the screw securely after inserting them

Insert the screws and tighten them safely so that the whole apparatus doesn’t move or dangle. Attach the net with the hoop by following the manual provided. It would be better to have another person with you to complete the whole process.

Cautions you need to follow

You must be cautious when you are mounting the wall to point the area where you need to attach. The whole apparatus can be reasonably substantial, and the attaching process might be tiresome. There are possible chances of tripping over. You should have a second person or a friend to assist you.